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Tank Water Temperature Monitoring Solution

Virtual Super provides tank water temperature monitoring solutions ensuring compliance and safety.

Virtual Super monitors and records water tank temperature 24/7, protecting against freezing conditions, alerting in the event of a freezing condition, providing compliance with NFPA 22 and NFPA 25

See NYC Administrative Code Requirement , PANYNJ Requirement. 


With Virtual Super, management does not have to bother with taking and recording readings, by providing alerts, record keeping, and remote access anywhere from a smartphone.

Through Virtual Super, it is easy to manage data for properties, whether a customer manages 1 property or 200 properties. Virtual Super also tailors access to information based on an individuals needs, as a building superintendent only needs to see his building’s information and a management team’s director of operations would need to see the entire portfolio.

Virtual Super hardware and software is all built in the United States, and the devices communicate over 900 MHz and Cellular networks, ensuring the highest levels of reliability and accuracy. Virtual Super sensors have a battery life of more than 8 years, and our AC powered gateway come equipped with a 24 hour battery backup in the case of a power outage. Virtual Super is an easy plug and play solution, requiring no setup by the user.

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