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I’m the office manager of  a company  that occupies an entire 4-story building . Virtual Super alerted us of a toilet overflow. Luckily, we were there to remedy the problem; however, it’s nice to know that if we weren’t there, we could have shut down the entire building remotely on our iPhone.

Dara O., Office Manager

I’m the owner of a three-story building in which the tenant controls the heating and air conditioning.  Virtual Super alerted me that the tenant was not providing adequate heat during the weekends, which could have lead to a freeze-up. They provided me with historical analysis over certain weekends and we changed our current heating settings.

Hiram H., Elijah Equities

My company manages 2,000,000 SFT in Midtown South, in which tenants control their HVAC rooms. Virtual Super alerted our management team of rapidly dropping temperatures in a specific HVAC room. By receiving advanced notification of the dropping temperatures, our building superintendent was able to supplement the room's heat while the radiator was serviced. Without Virtual Super, a pipe would have frozen as temperatures fell below zero that night. 

[see temperature chart below as the super responded to the alert]

Z.S., Property Manager

– Hiram H., EHiraalijah Equities.

My company Jam Consultants rents a full floor office space with a tenant controlled HVAC system. This winter, on a 15 degree day outside, our brand new HVAC system’s automatic louvers failed to close. The temperature in the HVAC room dropped more than 40 degrees in a matter of hours, and we had no idea.  Fortunately, our landlord had Virtual Super temperature sensors installed in the mechanical room, which alerted us and provided adequate time to manually close the louver and avoid burst sprinkler pipe and this instance prevented millions of dollars of damage.  I have been in the involved in working with owners and developers in the construction of the most sophisticated buildings in the world. The Virtual Super system is a common-sense solution to assist property managers in class B office/loft building by preventing frozen pipes and floods.

Heading 1

Rob Anderson, President JAM Consultants

Heading 1

Rob Anderson, President JAM Consultants


See Virtual Super featured in the September 2018 issue of Habitat Magazine

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